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  • Curved 3D Glass inspection and measurement
Curved 3D Glass inspection and measurement


GV-15SS is stand-alone curved 3D glass inspection machine for not only scratch, crack and foreign material via 2D vision but also measurement equipment of curved 3D glass thickness, height and radius by accurate 3D sensor.

2D Vision + 3D measurement

  • Total process of inspection and measurement, high productivity
  • Low human resource, investment and space

Non-contact Inspection

  • High speed and high accuracy than contact method
  • Low change of time (useful to low volume high mix production)

Various report and feedback

  • Close loop feedback
  • Result saving at the DB

2D Vision

  • Glass size measurement
  • Glass crack, scratch and stain

3D Vision (Repeatability < 5um)

  • Glass height and thickness
  • Glass 3D bending radius

Compact design

  • 850 (W) x 1,100 (D) x 1,600 (H)

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