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  • FM-2248 | Manual | 200mm/8" | For normal tape only
FM-2248 | Manual | 200mm/8" | For normal tape only
Technovision Inc

You can select a manual wafer mounter from a wide range of models to meet a variety of needs, from research and development to semi-custom production.
This manual wafer mounter series supports three different sizes of workpieces: 300 mm, 200 mm, and 150 mm.
These manual wafer mounter models can be manufactured for either dicing film lamination or back grind film lamination.

This manual wafer mounter series can be used for the application of not only wafers but also packaging, glass, ceramic, and various other types of workpieces, and can also be customized to meet special user specifications.

A twin type wafer mounter is also available. With this special model, you can simultaneously set two tapes or films, such as a normal adhesive tape and a UV tape, on a single wafer mounter. This eliminates the need to change tapes.

For dicing process
Model FM-2243
For 300 mm/12" wafers
Model FM-2248
For 200 mm/8" wafers
Model FM-2246
For 150 mm/6" wafers


For back grind (BG) films
Model FM-2243-BG
For 300 mm/12" wafers
Model FM-2248-BG
For 200 mm/8" wafers
Model FM-2246-BG
For 150 mm/6" wafers


Instantaneous bubble-free application
Built-in automatic balancing mechanism for application roller
Built-in circumferential cutter
Built-in horizontal cutter
Built-in separator reel-in mechanism
Wide variety of options (hot chuck, non-contact surface chuck, measures against static electricity, and more)

*There are many achievements for various customization.

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