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Cartesian Robot JC-3 Series (3-axis and 4-Axis types available)

Janome Cartesian Robots JC-3 Series

Available in 3-Axis or 4 Axis versions

Suitable for applications such as screw tightening, dispensing, etc

Main Features

  • All-in-One

        The multifunctional JC-3 Series Cartesian Robot comes complete with an easy-to-use dedicated controller and robot unit with a rich selection of stroke lengths for each axis.

        Like our desktop robots, the JC-3 has convenient installation settings. Program teaching is easy; with the interactive method teaching pendant, there is no need for complicated settings.

  • Ideal as an inline dispensing or screw tightening robot

        Our specialized Screw Tightening Specification and Dispensing Specification software greatly shorten your program setting time for either screw tightening or dispensing applications. We also offer highly versatile Standard Specification software.

  • Uses just the right motors to meet your needs

The JC-3 Series uses feedback control stepping motors on the X and Y axes to carry a load up to 8kg, with a maximum acceleration of 5000mm/s2 and a top speed of 800mm/s.

  • Comprehensive Interfacing

An Ethernet port (LAN) and 3 COM ports (RS2323C) are included as standard equipment. Install an optional Fieldbus port (available types: CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and CANopen).

Not only can you specify a program number and run it from the PLC, you can also specify position coordinates and move the robot axes, as well as rewrite the position coordinates in existing programs.

  • Highly compatible with vision system installation

Enhanced camera functions to match the needs of assembly facilities aiming for finer precision.

In addition to our helpful position correction function, we've added functions such as an automatic calibration function and a CCD camera adjustment function.

  • Control up to 4 axes and 2 external motors with the Auxiliary Axis Function (optional)

Teach up to 2 stepping motor or servomotor-driven "pulse string input type" external devices from the teaching pendant the same as with the robot axes. This function has many uses so you can "Set up a turntable to change the direction of the workpiece", "Set up a conveyor and control it from the robot", and more.


  • Easy Program Teaching

Using our dedicated application software, teaching is easy for both "Screw Tightening Specifications" and "Dispensing Specifications". Create teaching data based on DXF files or Gerber data using "JR C-Points II" PC software.

We offer an optional teaching pendant for teaching via JOG movement.

  • Teaching pendant features 11 different display languages

To help personnel from a wide variety of countries operate the robot, we have 11 teaching pendant display languages built-in. You can choose from among English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech and Vietnamese.

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