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  • Impeller-less mixing/defoaming mixer Uni-cyclone UM-117
Impeller-less mixing/defoaming mixer Uni-cyclone UM-117
Japan Unix Co. Ltd

Mixing power beyond the professional worker's skill and amazing defoaming power.

Detailed mixing/defoaming conditions can be freely set by PC management software.

  • Flexible programming enabled with PC management software.
  • Mixing capability: twice that of a conventional model. Two 500g containers can be mixed at the same time.
  • Mixing and/or defoaming available at any time. Desired setting of the self/centrifugal rotation speed.


The PC management software is attached to the mixer as standard. The mixing time and mixing speed can be freely set and managed according to the material to be mixed.

The mixing program can be easily managed.

The rotation speed can be graphically checked.

Materials that can be mixed and defoamed by Uni-Cyclone


  • Semiconductor materials
  • LED materials
  • Cosmetics bases
  • Medical materials
  • Dental materials
  • Adhesives
  • Liquid crystal materials
  • Silver pastes
  • Solder pastes
  • Paints
  • Foods


Model UM-117
Application Mixing and defoaming of different materials
Series Uni-cyclone
Method Self/Centrifugal rotation method
Timer setting 0 sec to 99 min 50 sec(*Note 1)
Centrifugal rotation speed 100 to 2000 rpm (*Note 2)
Self-rotation speed 20% of centrifugal rotation
Memory 10 (*Note3)
Mixing weight (NET) NET0-500g×2cups 300ml
Container Standard 300ml cup
Diameter 78㎜
Weight 64g
Safety function Door sensor, vibration sensor, rotation sensor, and emergency stop switch
Operating ambient environment 5 to 35oC, 35 to 85%RH (without condensation)
Power supply Single-phase 100 to 120 V AC or 220 to 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
External dimensions (mm) 360(W) × 360(D) × 451 (H) ㎜
Weight of the main unit (Kg) Approx. 30Kg
(*Note 1) When a PC is used, the timer can be set to 48 hours or more.
(*Note 2) The specified rotation speed may not be attained depending on the mixing material type, weight, viscosity, etc.
(*Note 3) The memory is unlimited by using a PC.

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